Faciamus Mala Fecit Apparatus

As a rule I am generally opposed to self portraits. When I have to do them they generally end up pretty weird. A case in point:


Yes I do own a shirt like that. And the tie. And the silly giant jacket. But I usually don't look this moody and wistful, (usually). Just think of it as the 3 story tall mural in the lobby of my evil corporate headquarters. Somewhere there's a little plaque with a title like "Faciamus Mala Fecit Apparatus" (he made us make evil machines), and under that orange thing on the left theres a little expresso bar.

The portrait is all done in digital but I layered it in with some goodies scanned from my old engineering texts. I have this old book of machine parts that is full of wicked diagram drawings like these. For you chemistry nuts out there that's a zinc oxide molecule on the left. Believe it or not I have an entire book about zinc oxide.

Part of the assignment was to make a few custom brushes so here are the brushes I used in the painting. The ones on the right are things I made.