Professional Hands

Working on hands this time. In this case I did master copies. This first set is from Alphonse Mucha. Mucha's work is what we all think of when we think Art Nouveau. It's all about the play between flat graphic shapes and subtle rounded forms and lots of organic curly cues. These were done in photoshop:

And these were pencil on paper:

This third set are based on J. C. Leyendecker. Leyendecker was a rough contemporary of Mucha's, but he worked in a very different style as one of the golden age American illustrators along with people like Norman Rockwell. Leyendecker did a lot of magazine covers and so had to work quickly. His style is all about getting the point across with a few strokes. He's one of my favorite artists. These were done in photoshop:

This set is based on sketches by James Jean, a contemporary illustrator. His does these sketches with single lines in pen, so they're basically impossible to copy. It was fun to try though. Mine also pen on paper:

I'm not sure who this last set are from, the file wasn't properly labeled. I believe it's someone contemporary. If anyone recognizes them (as if my copies were good enough) let me know. Mine are pencil on paper.

UPDATE: turn out these were from Jerome Witkin. He's a contemporary figurative artist.