link: Abraham-Hicks and Art as a Process

Someone sent me to this video (really just adio) of a motivational speaker / theosophy guru called Abraham-Hicks. It's a short segment of a woman (I assume an audience member) asking a question to the female speaker (Esther Hicks?) and the speaker's response. When I first listened through it I dismissed it out of hand because of the jargon the speaker uses but one thing she says near the end has really stuck with me. [youtube=]


Pay attention at about 6 min in. Did you catch that part about the true work of art being the process of creating it? And that people are drawn to a good work of art because it "represents alignment with source energy"? I think she means that a work of art is interesting or beautiful to someone because looking at it reminds them of the exhilarating feeling the artist got when he or she was making it.