Gouache Sketches

I've had a few gouache palettes going but I recently got a new sealable palette that I can (hopefully) take with me to paint around town. I hate to throw out the paint in the old palettes because its so expensive so I spent a very frustrating few hours trying to rewet and then scoop the old gouache out of the old palettes and get it into the new one. By the time I was done I don't think much actually got transferred, and there was still a lot in the old palettes so I decided to try and use some of it up before I tossed it. I've been doing little gouache studies for the last few weeks. Here are some of the ones I'm not embarrassed to post. These are all about 2 to 3 inches on a side but I scanned them real big for your viewing pleasure.


A WWII bomber of some sort, a woman's profile, and standing woman with a basket, and a crazy tribal looking bird thing. Pretty standard art stuff I would say.

Landscape study from my collection of "iPhone Photos Out the Car Window As I Drive On Kansas Highways and Should Probably Be Looking Where I'm Going and Not Taking iPhone Photos but This Particualr Thing Looked Pretty so I had to Take A Picture".

This one is from a photo I snapped of downton Seattle. Did you know they have big trees in Downtown Seattle! Why doesn't my downtown have big trees I wonder?

Iguana, he has no name, and also he may be a she. I don't know, I'm not a herpetologist.

Someones really pretty glass bobble from Etsy.

One of Claes Oldenburg's giant shuttlecocks from the lawn of the Nelson Atkins art museum in Kansas City. These are probably my favorite thing in the world.

And finally some pretty ceramic bowls because I wanted to study warm and cool bounce light.