Rigby and the MASKC

I got a mention on twitter today from @MASKC_Komondor whom I had never heard of before. I'm always excited to have someone new tweet me. Turns out they are the Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club, and they posted a very nice note about The Misfits on their blog. How cool is that!

Rigby, one of the misfit animals, is a Komondor dog. Here's a nice action shot of Rigby from the book:

The Komondor breed comes from Hungary where they've been used as sheepdogs for centuries. They have thick matted coats that gather into chords. This makes them look a bit like mops. I had a lot of fun designing Rigby for the book. He's one of my favorite characters because he's a blast to draw, and because he wants to be an artist. Here are a few sketches of Rigby from early on in the character design process: