Lincoln at the Library

Every once in a while someone happens upon my blog while looking for a picture of this or that and asks me if they can use one of my images, which is sooo cool. I got an e-mail last week from a librarian at the Harris County Public Library (it it turns out is also the Lone Star College-CyFair Branch library, one of only 2 joint use libraries in Texas!) asking if they could use my watercolor portrait of Lincoln for a poster.

The Library is hosting a Lincoln exhibit from the American Library Association from late December to mid-February. The poster promoting the exhibit is going to be hanging in the children's section for the next few months, and it's got my picture smack dab in the middle.

I am a huge fan of libraries, so I'm super excited about having my picture up in one. If you're in Texas and get the chance, go check it out. If you can't make it, they were kind enough to send me a mockup of the poster design.

KU Senior Show!

A great big thanks to everyone who came out to the KU Design Department's Senior show. I think things went really well.

If there's one great thing about the show it's seeing all those talented people. But if there are 2 great things about the show they are: seeing the people, and getting swag! Designers and artists have the best business cards — lets face it — and I don't know about you but my bulletin board is now overflowing.

Which got me thinking . . .

business card uses

Holiday Cards!

If you happen to be on my holiday card mailing list that snowman may look familiar. This was a corporate greeting card I designed for the UEI Group, a foil stamping and engraving company based nearby. UEI sent this card out to all of their corporate clients as a showcase for their embossing and foiling techniques, but being the cool gals and guys that they are, they also gave me a heaping box to use for my own personal holiday cheer spreading needs.

Well guess what. It turns out that UEI entered the card into the Foil and Special Effects Association 2008 Gold Leaf Awards, an industry design competition, and it won! The card received a gold in the "Difficult Use on Greeting Card" section, and was named Best of Show! There's even a great article by Kym Conis and this snazzy cover shot in Inside Finishing, a trade magazine. (Click through the image above to see some more shots from inside.)

Now of course the focuses of the competition were the various engraving and printing techniques, and how good UEI is at all of them. Apparently putting the card together was no small feat. From Kym's article:

Like constructing a ‘live’ snowman, building one of intricate detail and dimension on paper required as many, if not more, meticulous steps. From lithography, foil stamping, and embossing to diecutting, folding, and gluing, a total of 10 passes in exact registration were required to assemble the snowman, snowball by snowball.

And they look great by the way. I'm glad I had the chance to be a part of the process. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have your artwork on the cover of a magazine.